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Zero Downtime Guarantee

Always-On Hosting

We have spent more than 15 years building and perfecting our network infrastructure to provide exceptional reliability and service to our customers. We strive to ensure our network is available 100% of the time. That's why we out-perform industry giants year after year. However, when we fail to meet our lofty goal we offer our customers one of the most generous and straight forward availability reimbursement schedules in the industry today.

How are you able to offer a Zero Downtime Network Guarantee?

No hosting provider can claim 100% reliability, and as such, no customer should assume 100% availability, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be our goal.

Our SLA is simple. If we fail to provide you with zero downtime during any month we will credit you with one day of your current monthly hosting fee for each 30 minutes our network is not available.

Uptime Monitoring

Since 2005 WebHostingStuff started monitoring the uptime performance of web hosts. They are the only web hosting directory that independently tracks 16,994 web hosting companies. Several times daily their Uptime Monitor robot randomly probes each web host's corporate web server. If the web host's corporate site cannot be successfully fetched that event is logged as downtime. The Uptime Monitor robot continues to re-check the problem web host at 5-minute intervals keeping track of their downtime until their web server successfully responds to a HTTP request. Uptime results are then posted on their web site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of the most frequently asked questions about our Zero Downtime Guarantee.

Does your guarantee include my server too?

Each client has full control of their own server and may modify settings and install any software as they deem necessary for their applications. For this reason our Zero Downtime Guarantee does not extend to a client's server and/or web sites and applications.

Why does WebHostingStuff monitor the corporate web site?

Our guess is that the availability of the corporate web site is an indicator regarding the severity of a network outage. If a web host's corporate web site is not operational then it's likely their client's servers are affected as well.

I can access your web site but not my server, is your network down?

It's more likely your server is experiencing a problem or that our server protection system is currently blocking you for what it sees as suspicious activity, such as running a port scan or accessing IPs outside your assigned subnet. We recommend you contact us and allow us to troubleshoot the problem to find out why you are unable to access your server.

Is your corporate server setup differently than what is available to me?

Our corporate servers are installed in the same network as our clients and utilize all of the same services and options that are available to every client, including Multi-Link Load Balancing and Fail-Over service.

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