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Our reliable, redundant and diverse network solutions keep your business connected.

Secure Data Vault

Keep applications running when disaster strikes.

A sound business continuity plan is essential to protect the well being of an organization. This cannot be emphasized enough, yet many enterprises still side step the issue or maintain plans which are inadequate and provide limited functionality at best. Located in Kansas City, Lenexa and Overland Park, FullControl Network is ready to help.

Designed to be comprehensive and cost-effective, our services can help you:

  • Reduce risk of data loss through private cloud-based information protection
  • Automated backup for comprehensive end-to-end retrieval, restoral and recovery
  • Enable rapid data backup and recovery and faster time to protection by leveraging our private high-performance network
  • Protect data through a more resilient, security-rich and flexible infrastructure that can adapt to changing requirements

Complete Protection.

Our Data Vault service augments normal daily backup processes to create a mirror image of your server off-site.

Superior Security.

Our advanced encryption during transport and storage ensures the security of your data that is safe housed in a purpose-built data vault located 125 feet underground.

Fast Access.

Backup images are transmitted over a private high-speed connection. Data can be quickly recovered, which is especially critical in case of disaster.

Centralized Management.

You manage and monitor backups through a secure, centralized interface, accessible from anywhere with a Web browser.

Affordable Service.

Our outsourced model enables you to avoid up-front capital expenditures and the burden of managing data protection infrastructure. Avoid monthly surprises with our flat-fee pricing.

Quick Compliance.

Quickly and easily respond to regulatory requirements for data protection.

Trusted Partner.

Enjoy the peace of mind and convenience of entrusting the protection of your critical data to a technology partner you already know and rely on.

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