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FullControl Network's web hosting services offer a highly secure environment to deploy your IT infrastructure.

Dedicated Server Configuration

Host unlimited web and FTP sites with full administrator privileges.

Our web hosting service offers advanced Windows and Unix hosting platforms with all of the features, performance and reliability to handle the most critical web sites and applications. You will use Remote Desktop with full administrator privileges to install any software, host unlimited domains, create unlimited databases, and customize your environment to fit your exact requirements.

Enterprise Extreme SSD
Dual Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3
2 x 6 Core 2.4 GHz 15MB Cache
64GB RDIMM System Memory
5 x 256GB SSD RAID H730 1GB NV Cache Storage

Included Services

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Thanks for the continued outstanding service. Our customers are amazed at how quickly we respond to their infrastructure needs, and it's all because of FullControl."

- Another Happy Customer

These services are always included with our Dedicated Servers:

  • Zero Downtime Guarantee
  • Fully Burstable Internet
  • Remote Power Switch Reboot
  • ARIN /29 IP Address Subnet
  • Fully Managed Name Servers
  • Managed Network Protection
  • Real-Time Bandwidth Reporting

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