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Remote Hands

Our Remote Hands service assist clients in Kansas City, Lenexa, Overland Park or anywhere by performing simple functions to their equipment upon request. A FullControl Network technician can perform simple troubleshooting or maintenance tasks, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, which do not require the use of tools or equipment. Remote Hands service helps you maximize operational uptime and reduce costs by eliminating the need to dispatch your own technical personnel to FullControl Network locations to perform simple tasks.

Remote Hands is available On-Demand or by subscription in hourly blocks per month.

Available Remote Hands services include:

  • Power cycling, equipment and card resetting
  • Securing cabling to connections
  • Observing, describing or reporting on indicators or display information on equipment or consoles
  • Basic observation and reporting on the environment

Smart Hands

Our Smart Hands service offers clients remote assistance using industry-certified engineers to install and maintain complex network environments. For such tasks as equipment modification or expansion, Smart Hands helps clients decrease response time and reduce costs by avoiding the need for on-site technical personnel to perform installation and maintenance tasks, while increasing the efficient use of their technical personnel and the uptime of mission-critical networks and applications.

Smart Hands is available On-Demand or by subscription in hourly blocks per month.

Available Smart Hands services include:

  • Management of equipment components (e.g. cards, drives, memory)
  • Media and supply management
  • Complex cable configurations, Loop back & Signal testing, Equipment testing & troubleshooting
  • Circuit testing & Trouble ticket management

Additional Colocation Services

Investigate your options to gain reliable and secure space in a FullControl Network facility for back up, remote access, or virtual presence.

  • Subterranean Off-Site Storage
  • Dedicated Security Cameras
  • Private Line Ethernet
  • Point-to-Point Peering
  • Network and Systems Implementation
  • Staging, Configuration and Product Preparation
  • Site Surveys / Site Preparation
  • Management of the Integration Process
  • Migration Planning / Platform Migration
  • Risk and Contingency Planning
  • Consolidation / Migration of Platforms, Networks or Servers
  • Staff Transition and Skills Augmentation
  • Resources / Staffing / Organization Assessments
  • Needs Assessment
  • Design Planning
  • Application and Data Conversion
  • Equipment Engineering
  • Site Selection/Site Survey and Connectivity Assessment
  • Fiber & Conduit Entrances and Building Connectivity
  • Satellite & Antenna Installation
  • Assessment of existing IT Assets, Data Processing/Computing, and Network
  • Contract Negotiation Services, with complete vendor neutrality
  • Cable Plant and Network Infrastructure Design
  • Product Procurement
  • Network Engineering and System Design
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